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I did not start as a game designer. I originally studied to become a special effects makeup artist. I focused on body painting and modelling makeup applications.

Through this study, I got the opportunity to work on video clips, be part of a movie and work for the Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

I chose to study Games & Interaction because I wanted to be able to give every guest, viewer or player a unique impactful experience.

I got asked to be an intern at the Dutch National Opera's Madama Butterfly in my final year of college. Having grown up in a family who values the classical arts, this was a great honour. I got to meet artists, and singers from all over the world and was even offered to be part of a second production, Aus Licht. 

After getting my degree I was hired as a freelancer for a few productions but to focus on my new studies, I chose to take my final bow.


Atelier Kevin vd Bergh

For six months I got to be an intern at Kevin van den Bergh's special effects workshop. Here, I learned everything I know today about special effects makeup. 

I got the opportunity to help create prosthetics for events, tv series, and films like Redbad!


I found my true passion for bringing stories to life as a makeup artist. Even though I worked my butt off to create a portfolio and resume I could dream of, I don't regret my choice to switch to Games & Interaction. I learned what drives me as a creative and I know learning to use a unique canvas helps me create the most unique experiences!

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