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About Me


My name is Malebo, but most people call me Em. I'm a visual designer and lighting artist with a background in narrative design.

During my studies as a narrative designer, I embarked on a journey to find my way to bring a story to life. After experimenting with many disciplines and techniques, I discovered my love for lighting and composition.

As a designer, I love working on projects that focus on dystopian or otherworldly settings. I enjoy using my discipline to make environments feel goosebump-inducingly real.

Before pursuing studies in Game Design, I honed my skills as a special effects makeup artist and body painter, mastering the art of transforming the human form into fantastical creatures, characters, and paintings. Driven by a passion for storytelling and creating art on unique canvases, I approach my craft with attention to detail, recognizing the power of subtle nuances in creating immersive narratives. To me, games are an art form, and I want my art to be able to speak for itself!

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2024 - present

Lighting for Games & Films


2019 - 2023

Game Design

HKU (Dutch University of The Arts, Utrecht)

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2016 - 2019

Allround Makeup Artist

Rijn IJssel


I'm currently taking the 'Lighting for Games' and 'Lighting and Shading for Film Production' short courses at CGMA to help me improve my skills in 3D engines and software.

At HKU I took classes in design, writing, and prototyping. Because my curriculum didn't include classes in lighting and composition I didn't discover this passion until my final year.  But ever since I did, I've started to eat, breathe and live lighting!

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My journey started as a makeup artist. I loved body painting and FX makeup because it allowed me to bring the surreal to life.  At Rijn IJssel, I got the opportunity to take a class in ZBrush Creature Design. I soon realised the infinite possibilities of 3D software and decided to continue my studies and pursue a career in games.


Nominations & Awards


Nomination 'Taste of Fame' 

Rotterdam Test & Play


Double Honours



Student of The Year Award

Rijn IJssel


Cum Laude

Rijn IJssel

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