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In this space adventure, you complete multiple physics assignments with the help of your robot sidekick, N6000 to repair a lighthouse.

Send packages to planets, buy amazing tools, and become a true space handyman!

Exolight was commissioned by Cito Foundation as a college assignment to improve physics classes for high school students in the Netherlands. 

This project was created as part of a college assignment where we got a full semester to work on a project commissioned by an external organization!

We got to choose from a vast list of organizations. I chose Cito Foundation because, like many others, I struggled a lot in high school. The teaching materials did not spark any creativity which stopped me from wanting to start learning. I wanted to create an experience which would transport students to their own magical adventure where they would feel in charge of their own path.

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My Role

My main role for MoonTales was game and UI design.

I was responsible for narrative design, writing, research, logo and UI design.

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